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World-class electronic signatures, authentication and movement based prediction
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What we do

World Class Movement Analysis

World Class Movement Analysis

  • Understand personality traits
  • Diagnose health conditions
  • Predict behaviour to increase conversion
Biometric User Authentication

Biometric User Authentication

  • Eliminate fraud and cybercrime
  • Protect business critical processes
  • Seamlessly verify ID in the background
Biometric Electronic Signatures

Biometric Electronic Signatures

  • Boost customer confidence while reducing costs
  • Secure end-to-end solution, trusted by leading banks
  • Benefit from the most effective signature recognition system

What they say about us

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We needed a faster, paperless contracting process to save time for both our employees and clients. Cursor Insight efficiently delivered us the critical banking solution that is in use at all of our 400 branches today.
Bence Kisfalvi, Business Development Director, OTP Bank
By combining clients' handwritten signature with PKI technology, Cursor Insight has designed and developed a secure process that creates practically usable advanced e-signatures.
Peter Erdosi, Certified Information Systems Auditor
Handwriting verification accuracy has made advances in recent years, however Cursor Insight's proprietary technology remains top in internationally recognised algorithm rankings.
Imran Malik, signature expert, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Cursor Insight’s professional and approachable team truly understands the scientific demands of cutting edge technology research. They designed and carried out high quality research projects and are clearly capable of commercializing the outcomes.
Adam Feldmann PhD, Head of Big Data Research Group, University of Pecs
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Why our clients choose us

We build applications across banking, cyber security, healthcare and advertising.

Electronic Signatures

Go paperless, eliminate fraud and save money with the world's most secure biometric electronic signature solution. Trust our audited, eIDAS compliant e-signature product, supported by our award winning signature recognition technology. We process tens of millions of e-signatures a year.

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The Dynamics of a Signature Make It Unrepeatable
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From Subconscious Movement to User Identity

Biometric User Authentication

Protect yourself against cybercrime and identity fraud by taking advantage of behavioural biometrics. Integrate our solution to your existing sign-in process. Dramatically reduce the risks arising from shared accounts, users forgetting to log out, stolen passwords and identity theft.

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Movement Analysis

Predict behaviour and health conditions using cursor movement, typing or bio sensor data. Our technology breaks down movement into thousands of data points and uses machine learning to build prediction models. Decode human movement to evaluate personality traits or set up a diagnosis in real time.

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Gestures Speak Louder Than Words. Are You Listening?

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