Biometric User Authentication

Biometric Two-Factor User Authentication
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From Subconscious Movement to User Identity
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Biometric Verifications Completed Every Day

Enhanced Cyber Security

Protect yourself against cybercrime and identity fraud with the world’s most accurate biometric movement analysis technology. Our machine learning technology recognises in real time if an unauthorised individual is impersonating an authentic user.

With the addition of Cursor Insight’s solution to your existing sign-in process, you can dramatically reduce the risks arising from shared accounts, users forgetting to log out, stolen passwords and identity theft. Our secure Biometric Two-Factor User Authentication works invisibly in the background, from before login until logout, securely across any website, application or enterprise system.

Key benefits

Eliminate fraud

Eliminate fraud

Reduce the risk and cost of cybercrime and identity fraud

Automatic authentication

Automatic authentication

Biometric two-factor authentication that runs in the background

Seamless adoption

Seamless adoption

No modifications required to existing sign-in processes

Signature verification

Are your customers signing your contracts electronically? Verify whether the signatures are genuine in just under a second. Our technology achieved first place at SigWiComp, the global signature verification competition, and is trusted by leading banks. Interested in Cursor Insight’s Biometric Electronic Signature solution?

How Movements Reveal Identity

Human motion is unique to individuals. We easily recognise each other based on moving silhouettes. Handwriting and signatures are fingerprint-like biometric identifiers. Fine motor movements captured while moving the cursor, tapping a phone or typing on a keyboard also provide a level of uniqueness that cannot be exactly repeated.

And unlike your password or fingerprint, fine motor movement patterns cannot be imitated or stolen.

How Movements Reveal Identity

Award Winning Artificial Intelligence

Human movement is incredibly complex and its research is still in its early stages. To help solve movement analysis challenges, we developed a programming language that describes human motion. Cursor movements are transformed into thousands of data points, which are fed into Cursor Insight’s machine learning algorithm.

We then match movement samples across biometric profiles and use this to securely verify identities. Beyond cursor movements, biometric profiles can be built from typing patterns, signatures and even smartphone movement.

Analyse Movement Patterns
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Create Biometric User Profiles
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Authenticate with AI Algorithm

We achieved 1st place in two global technology competitions

Winner of the Mouse Dynamics Challenge competition
Winner of the Mouse Dynamics Challenge competition of Balabit, a leading cyber security company

Our authentication service based on behaviour biometrics reaches the accuracy of face or voice recognition. However, it is not dependent on accessing the camera, microphone or anything additional from the user.

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